Archibus Implementation – Middleware Engineer



Archibus Implementation – Middleware Engineer Brooklyn, NYC

Title: Middleware Engineer

Job Type: Contract

Primary Location: Brooklyn, NYC (Onsite)


The Challenge:

The Archibus Implementation project is a full-scale implementation of the Space and Move Management modules of the Archibus product for all the buildings in the GSS real estate portfolio. The system shall provide an ability to load/add HRA master site data and list various types of areas and their locations in a floorplan for various HRA buildings. The system will also provide seamless ability to move individuals/groups/programs from one work location to another in cases where transfers are needed.


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Design, develop, test and deploy system design specification.
  • Design, development, test, and deployment of integrations using IBM middleware technologies (IBM integration Bus/App Connect Enterprise/MQ).
  • Module development using IIB/ACE Toolkit.
  • Creating messages flows for transformation of different message formats.
  • Creating message flows in transforming XML messages to COBOL also COBOL to XML messages using MRM Message Sets.
  • Design and Implement Web Services in IIB/ACE to implement SOA based services using SOAP nodes and HTTP Nodes [ HTTP Input / HTTP Request / HTTP Reply].
  • Implement Asynchronous HTTP calls with HttpAsynchronous Request and Response nodes.
  • Work with MQ Nodes [ MQ Input / MQ GET / MQ Reply ] for receiving the input and sending the output to target applications.
  • Develop SOAP, EAI, Web Services and workflow-based solutions for quick response time.
  • DFDL message modelling for CSV / COBOL and TDS data.
  • Creation of Message sets based on the different message formats.
  • Work on File Nodes [ File Input and File Output] to process files-based messages and storing the output to a file.
  • Creating of message flows in updating and retrieving DB details from Oracle PL/SQL database.
  • Call database procedures using ESQL routines.


Essential skills and requirements:

  • Minimum 4 Years Excellent verbal and written communication skills, including the ability to explain technical concepts and technologies to business leaders and business concepts to the IT workforce.
  • Minimum 4 Years Understanding of current and emerging middleware technologies and the best practices.
  • Minimum 4 Years Excellent analytical, strategic conceptual thinking, planning, and execution skills.
  • Minimum 4 Years Ability to build partnerships with other stakeholders inside of the IT organization.
  • Minimum 4 Years Experience working in a team environment on large applications; (b) team leadership; (c) can demonstrate their knowledge of object-oriented programming methodology.
  • Minimum 4 Years Excellent experience with Java/JEE development
  • Minimum 4 Years Strong knowledge of RESTful services, SOAP services, WSDL, XML, XSD, XSLT, XPath.
  • Minimum 4 Years Strong knowledge of MQ Queues, channels, and MQ attributes.
  • Minimum 4 Years Working experience with certificates (SSL), Public/private keys.
  • Minimum 4 Years Strong experience with Atlassian Jira, Atlassian Confluence, IBM integration Bus (IIB), APP connect Enterprise(ACE), Toolkit, IBM MQ Explorer, and Oracle SQL Developer.
  • Minimum 4 Years Strong experience working with JAVA, IBM’s JAVA based Extended Structured Query Language (ESQL), and development tools such as IBM Integration Toolkit, IBM MQ Explorer, and Oracle SQL Developer Oracle Business Process Management (OBPM), IBM Data power, IBM WebSphere Message Broker, and other integration technologies.

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