CurRent NYC Application Support – Data Architect



CurRent NYC Application Support – Data Architect Brooklyn, NYC

Title: Data Architect

Job Type: Contract

Primary Location: Brooklyn, NYC (Onsite)


The Challenge:

Our client is looking for Landlord Data Analytics project who will develop technological and analytical protocols necessary to ensure the integrity of landlord data records, property records and landlord payment processes associated with the rental assistance programs administered by the Human Resources Administration (HRA).  In particular, the project will utilize data mining and analytic techniques to proactively identify and address data accuracy issues, and to leverage its findings and expertise to help optimize the design of the application, client’s system of record for landlord and property data used to issue rental payments. The landlord, property and payment data will be publicly available via the portal.  By ensuring the integrity of this data on behalf of the agency, this project will be key to developing effective relationships with the landlords that house the Agency’s clients, to ensuring that payments are accurate and timely, to maximizing moveouts from shelters, to minimizing evictions and shelter re-entry, and to safeguarding the agency’s reputation.


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Review, analyze, and document the current data architecture across all relevant systems, including existing data model designs, data integrations, and data flows. Validate and document findings and gaps between the current state and business requirements.
  • Translate business requirements into recommendations, enhancements, and technical specifications. Define the desired future state of the data architecture that aligns with business objectives and requirements.
  • Create, document, and implement data management processes and procedures.
  • Ensure database adheres regulations and security standards when dealing with PII data.
  • Identify database gaps by evaluating client operations and application workflow.
  • Develop/Modify database model to support scalability and security.
  • Implement effective use geocoding and address validation tools, including the NYC Department of City Planning (DCP) Geographic Online Address Translator (GOAT), to correct and/or normalize landlord & property address information.


Essential skills and requirements:

  • Minimum 4 Years Experience in Data Modeling and Database Design
  • Minimum 4 Years Experience in all phases of data modeling, from conceptualization to database optimization.
  • Minimum 4 Years MS SQL programming experience
  • Minimum 4 Years Experience in data visualization and data integration.
  • Minimum 4 Years Proficiency with a statistical software package, such as R, SAS, Stata, SPSS, or MATLAB
  • Minimum 4 Years Experience with database design and development
  • Minimum 4 Years Able to work in a fast-paced environment and respond to multiple stakeholder groups
  • Minimum 4 Years Ability to be creative, flexible, strategic, collaborative, and innovative
  • Minimum 4 Years Excellent organizational, interpersonal, and communication skills

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