Cybersecurity Telecomm/Data Processing – SCCM Engineer_3



Cybersecurity Telecomm/Data Processing – SCCM Engineer_3 Brooklyn, NYC

Title: SCCM Engineer

Job Type: Contract

Primary Location: Brooklyn, NYC (Onsite)


The Challenge:

Vignetic is initiating the Emergency Cybersecurity Project. Taking advantage of new technological capabilities will improve the speed and ease with which the client can keep their Cyber infrastructure up to compliance and secured from modern threats and vulnerabilities. The client has a responsibility to their clients as well as the staff to secure and protect all personal, business, and confidential data hosted within as well as accessed through our IT systems. The Cloud services, Licenses, Automation, Support and Professional Services will bring the client into Compliance with Modern Cyber Security standards and help keep the agency from frequent breakdowns and failures. This will help save money in the long run and keep the agency secure from ongoing threats.


Role and Responsibilities:

  • Maintaining, configuring, and support of desktop technologies in a distributed environment.
  • Daily Monitor the SCCM Status messages within the application and review/research any error or warnings.
  • Review client status messages to verify that the client report to the servers without any issues.
  • Review CYBER reports to discuss the latest issues and vulnerabilities.
  • Review the SCCM infrastructures and discuss how to make them better.
  • Assist in the meetings with developers and desktop support to discuss what features SCCM can bring to the groups to help their tasks.
  • Upgrade of SCCM Infrastructure to new hardware.
  • Improve SCCM performance, to ensure that all sites are working optimally as we roll out more locations
  • Upgrade DHS’ network and document network upgrades.
  • Assist in the discussions for proper patching servers and desktops. Utilize all tools.
  • Deploy and test Intune.
  • Document SCCM infrastructures and procedures.
  • Review SCCM Security and point out any fallacies.
  • Assist with Cyber Vulnerability upgrades as well as research and implement the automatic deployment rules (ADRs) for browsers, Adobe and other 3rd party tools.
  • Assist in the Intune upgrade needed for laptop devices on the network and address any associated bug fixes.


Essential skills and requirements:

  • Minimum 4 Years Knowledge and experience of the Microsoft SCCM system.
  • Minimum 4 Years Knowledge of Microsoft Intune functional.
  • Minimum 4 Years Experience with Microsoft Windows operating systems
  • Minimum 4 Years Knowledge of other operating systems similar to Apple Mac OS
  • Minimum 4 Years Experience with installation and troubleshooting Windows Applications.
  • Minimum 4 Years Knowledge and experience troubleshooting various computer hardware and software issues.
  • Minimum 4 Years Knowledge of SQL and programing languages and theories.
  • Minimum 4 Years Knowledge of Antivirus solutions and concepts
  • Minimum 4 Years Ability to troubleshoot various network and desktop issues.

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