Digital Commerce Marketing Manager



Digital Commerce Marketing Manager SAn Diego, CA

Title: Digital Commerce Marketing Manager

Job Type: Permanent

Primary Location: Major Cities in USA

The Challenge:

As a Manager, you’ll work as part of a team of problem solvers, helping to solve complex business issues from strategy to execution.

Essential & Requirements:

  • Use feedback and reflection to develop self awareness, personal strengths and address development areas.
  • Delegate to others to provide stretch opportunities, coaching them to deliver results.
  • Demonstrate critical thinking and the ability to bring order to unstructured problems.
  • Use a broad range of tools and techniques to extract insights from current industry or sector trends.
  • Review your work and that of others for quality, accuracy and relevance.
  • Know how and when to use tools available for a given situation and can explain the reasons for this choice.
  • Seek and embrace opportunities which give exposure to different situations, environments and perspectives.
  • Use straightforward communication, in a structured way, when influencing and connecting with others.
  • Able to read situations and modify behavior to build quality relationships.
  • Uphold the firm’s code of ethics and business conduct.

Job Requirements and Preferences:

  • Minimum Degree Required: Bachelor Degree
  • Minimum Years of Experience: 5 year(s)
  • Degree Preferred: Master Degree
  • Demonstrates extensive abilities and/or a proven record of success as a team leader by:
  • Defining B2B and B2C digital marketing strategy in support of client ecommerce businesses;
  • Defining key digital marketing goals and objectives, define digital marketing solutions that address business goals, and corresponding technology roadmap;
  • Assessing and building digital marketing operational capabilities to support their digital sales channels;
  • Demonstrating extensive technical knowledge of digital marketing solutions across integrated platforms: e.g. ecommerce, digital marketing, promotions, CRM, etc;
  • Demonstrating extensive knowledge of data required to support a digital marketing solution in support of client ecommerce business objectives; and,
  • Demonstrating extensive knowledge of capabilities and technical requirements of digital marketing tools and systems.


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