IT Security Incident Manager



IT Security Incident Manager Princeton, NJ

Title: Security Incident Manager

Job Type: Fulltime

Primary Location: Princeton, NJ

The Challenge:

Vignetic is looking for a Security Incident Manager who has a passion for investigating security events, but also with a broad knowledge in the operational security incident management. This knowledge and expertise must be combined with a hands-on mentality and capabilities to not only design fit-for-purpose response procedures, but also to realize the implementation, their most efficient usage and the continuously improvement of them.

Role & Responsibilities:

• Fulfill the role as Security Incident Handler (Tier 2).

• Daily (Monday – Friday) analysis of events and incidents reported by employees, MSSP, business partners, service providers or tools like Heimdal Security, Hoxhunt, Microsoft 365 Security, acting on possible security incidents and driving mitigation actions.

• Develop, maintain, and continuously improve security incident response runbooks, processes, and procedures (e.g., for Phishing attacks, Malware infections, broken IAM processes).

• Play a key role in the resolution of security incidents.

• Support the automation of security event processing.

• Maintain the Information Security/SOC Dashboard.

• Plan and manage Incident response procedure / Business Continuity Plan /DR tests.

• Strong knowledge and experience in incident management, especially in analyzing events and driving the resolution of security incidents.

• Several years of experience in operational security function as part of a Security Operations Team.

• At minimum 3 years of work experience in as an operational Security Analyst as part of a Security Operations Team.

• Excellent know-how of information security technologies.

• Ability to identify indicators of compromise, network attacks and systemic security issues as they relate to threats and vulnerabilities, with focus on recommendations for enhancements or remediation.

• Strong knowledge of technical aspects of operating systems, virtual environments, Cloud platforms and networking protocols.

• Expert knowledge in developing, maintaining, and operating Security Incident Response processes and procedures.

• Experience in working in/for a multinational biotech or pharmacological company.

• Capability to explain (complex) technical security issues in “normal” language to non-technical stakeholders.

• High level of proficiency in Microsoft Azure Sentinel.

• Very good communication skills in English.

Communication & Interpersonal Skills:

• Passion for information security and follow actively the newest developments in areas like incident management, security monitoring, security threats and tooling used in those

• Determined to be the best in what you do.

• Team player and able to represent the security team.

• Take ownership of tasks assigned to you and carry on until the task is completed.

• Be proactive, recognize opportunities, take initiative, and action, and persevere until a meaningful change takes place.


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