Metaverse Strategy Consultant – Experience Center – Manager



Metaverse Strategy Consultant – Experience Center – Manager Chicago, IL

Title: Metaverse Strategy Consultant – Experience Center – Manager

Job Type: Permanent, Full-Time/ Contract

Primary Location: Major cities in United States

Role & Responsibilities:

  • Develop new skills outside of comfort zone.
  • Act to resolve issues which prevent the team working effectively.
  • Coach others, recognise their strengths, and encourage them to take ownership of their personal development.
  • Analyse complex ideas or proposals and build a range of meaningful recommendations.
  • Use multiple sources of information including broader stakeholder views to develop solutions and recommendations.
  • Address sub-standard work or work that does not meet firm’s/client’s expectations.
  • Use data and insights to inform conclusions and support decision-making.
  • Develop a point of view on key global trends, and how they impact clients.
  • Manage a variety of viewpoints to build consensus and create positive outcomes for all parties.
  • Simplify complex messages, highlighting and summarising key points.
  • Uphold the firm’s code of ethics and business conduct.

Essential Skills and Requirements:

  • Minimum Degree Required: Bachelor Degree
  • Minimum Years of Experience: 5 year(s) in software development, I/T development, and leading project teams At least 1 year experience in Web3 development or project experience (personal project experience acceptable)
  • Demonstrates extensive knowledge and/or a proven record of success within the following areas:
  • Growing thought leadership by exploring trends in digital reality, metaverse, NFT’s and human augmentation interfaces and effectively demonstrating how the Metaverse will allow companies to bring to market completely new types of virtual products, reinvent the way businesses market physical services, and create fundamental shifts in consumer behavior and business models;
  • Helping businesses in every industry deepen customer loyalty, engage customers in new, meaningful ways, and grow revenue by understanding and applying innovations that are business-relevant today;
  • Building unique, robust offerings to support the following product processes: product lifecycle management, ideation management, product planning and requirements gathering, code-development, quality management, test automation, integration and build automation, continuous integration and deployment, and other processes;
  • Identifying client opportunities and use-cases, driving innovative solutions to market, bringing direction and clarity to the metaverse and other disruptive innovations, helping business leaders take practical steps to better serve their customers;
  • Managing project teams in all phases of the Software Development Life Cycle (i.e. strategy, design, development, unit and integration testing, deployment and maintenance) pertaining to managing multiple digital client engagements, including the following:
  • Understanding client-side architecture with modern frameworks (Angular, React)
  • Understanding server-side technologies, databases (SQL/MySQL) and core features and fundamentals;
  • Understanding and ability to develop with common web3 developer tools such as Web3 libraries (e.g. web3.js, ethers.js), smart contracts (e.g. Solidity, Truffle, Hardhat, Brownie), nodes / web3 providers, and wallets (e.g. Metamask)
  • Serving as the technical point of contact in all technical communications between clients and third party vendors, understanding and communicating requirements, integration points and limitations;
  • Possessing familiarity with software development and SaaS operations strategy and transformation, , SaaS architecture and technology, SaaS business model and operating model design, Agile;
  • Possessing familiarity with information security and/or cloud orchestration;
  • Possessing familiarity with UI/UX, customer experience design, and service operations;
  • Leveraging various forms of software development, digital marketing communications, and emerging technologies;
  • Using innovation, problem-solving, and solutions oriented mind-sets when managing digital marketing projects that utilizing SDLC project methodologies, emphasizing the following:
  • Utilizing extensive quantitative and qualitative analytical skills, with an extensive attention to detail and accuracy, including problem-solving and troubleshooting;
  • Assessing or evaluating business requirements to their fullest extent, as it pertains to development work, including desktop and mobile web standards, code and design reviews, web standards and cross browser compatibility issues, analytics;
  • Interacting and utilizing effectively written and verbal business communication skills when interacting with clients and firm staff and/or management in a professional services business environment, especially articulating complex technical topics for nontechnical audiences
  • Leading teams to generate a vision, establish direction and motivate members, create an atmosphere of trust, leverage diverse views, coach staff, and encourage improvement and innovation;
  • Building relationships with clients, developing an awareness of Firm services, approaching clients in an organized and knowledgeable manner, delivering clear requests for information, demonstrating flexibility in prioritizing and completing tasks.


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